2022-1Q: [ACC] Cronjob: Generating custom documents from existing invoices

A new feature has been added that allows to generate custom documents from existing invoices.

These newly created documents can be:

  • added to customer's account under 'Last 5 Attachments' section

  • sent to customer email addresses (if customer has the send method for Invoices set to: Email to customer)

Feature will scan for invoices generated N days back (as defined in the Scanning Interval) and will generate documents where such has not yet been generated.

An example where this could be used would be to generate notes that will inform subaccounts about their portion of the invoice when invoicing is done via Master Account.

To set the feature go to

=> Settings

=> Cronjobs

=> Add Blank Row

=> select "Generate Invoice Notes" from the dropdown

For the new cronjob added specify following attributes:

  • Mode - select invoice scanning mode:

    1. subaccounts - will generate documents for subaccounts using masteraccount invoices only listing products that belong to a particular subaccount

    2. masteraccounts - will generate documents for standard customers (including masteraccounts) listing all products present on a particular invoice

    3. all - will generate documents for both options above in a single run

  • Note Template - path to the template file on the SIMPLer server (please coordinate creation of the template with Azotel)

  • Filename Prefix - prefix of the file that will be stored under customer attachments

  • Scanning Interval - defines how many days back the script should scan for new invoices. Example: if invoices run daily > scanning interval set to 1 days back. If invoices run monthly > scanning interval set to 31 days back

  • Description - description that is to be used while adding attachment to SIMPLer

  • Rights - user rights for the attachment file added. Options are the following: billing information; maintenance; network information; sales tracking. To enable any of these, as an example, they should be entered as follows -> "billing information,maintenance,network information,sales tracking"

  • Send Emails - this option defines whether emails with generated documents should be sent to the respective customer's email addresses. Note that emails will only be sent if the send method for Invoices set to: Email to customer

Fig 1: Cronjob: Generate Invoice Notes

Fig 2: Customer Account: 'Last 5 Attachments' section

Published Date: 18-February-2022

Engineer: MG