2015-2Q: SIMPLer: Customer Search Options

Some enhancements have been made to the customers search process where operators will now also have the option to search by customer invoicing ID and name only. This is to avoid cases where customer ID can be similar to the invoicing ID. If an operator knows he/she is looking for invoicing ID "1234" SIMPLer could search only for this invoicing ID, and not for nicknames or customer ID. The new option is located on the customers tab as per figure 1.

Fig. 1: Search by Invoicing ID & name

Please note that an operator can choose which of the above nine options is available by default in their search box by hovering over the settings tab and clicking on your account as shown in Fig 2.

Fig. 2: User Account

On the next page the operator will see a drop-down called "change default search option", and the appropriate search can be selected from here. Click the UPDATE button to register any changes made.

Fig. 3: Customer default search option

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