2016-4Q: SIMPLer: Ability to Customize Customer Status

It is now possible to customize the customer status a customer can belong to. It is important to note that operators should, where possible continue to use the "current" status for online and active customers, the "post" status for disconnected and suspended customers and the "waiting for install" status for customers awaiting provisioning. This is to ensure that the internet connection continues to be triggered on/off according to the customer status.

Also note that some status cannot be removed as they are used in system logic.

All operator defined statuses will be inactive from both billing/networking perspective. Only 'current' status is active for billing and networking.

To access the status customization please click directly on the "Settings" tab in SIMPLer. On the left-hand menu please click on the "Customer Statuses" button as shown in Fig. 1.

Fig. 1: Settings - Customer Statuses

On the next page, to add a new status click on "add blank row". Click "update table" to register any new changes made. Some unused statuses may also be deleted by clicking on the "delete" button followed by "update table".

Fig. 2: Customer Status Customization