2010-3Q: SIMPLer: Enhanced Site details and New search based on 'Assigned Site'

A new feature has been added into the SILMPer system that allow Operators to be able to assign a site to customers, and the corresponding search based on 'Assigned search' has been added into the search box, which allow operators search for the customer who have been assigned to a specific site.

1) To assign a site to customers, go to the Network details page of the chosen customer.

Fig. 1 Global User setting

2) After Gateway is chosen, corresponding Tower/Site will be displayed in the dropdown list.

Note: Once the Gateway has be chosen, the corresponding Tower/Site details will automatically be populated in the Tower/Site field as shown below

Fig. 2 Assign a site to customers

3) To search for the customer based on 'Assigned Site', go to the search form and set the 'Assigned Site' option, customers who has been assigned to the chosen site will be displayed in the search result list.

Fig. 3 New search option based on 'Assigned Site'

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