2019-4Q: Calix API Integration

A new feature has been added to enable Calix API integration.

To make use of this feature:

1. Create an equipment entry for ONT. Typically you would import all new equipment once purchased with the .csv upload tool.

In order to do this click on => Network => Add New Equipment

Fig 1.a Add New Equipment

As an example equipment has been added individually.

Choose Equipment Nickname (e.g. ONT)

Click => "Generate Equipment Nickname" Below "ONT" was chosen as the prefix thereby naming the first Equipment Nickname to "ONT1". The following nicknames will be iterated with the same prefix.

Add "Type". Ensure that you choose 'GPON Optical Network Terminal'

(Azotel can add all ONT types into the platform instead of using the generic type - Azotel just needs to be provided with the full list of ONT's being used).

**Ensure that the serial number is filled in and click => Add

Fig 1.b Modify Equipment

2. Add customer account - make sure to provide all required fields (i.e. Name, Invoicing ID, Nickname), address

Ensure that the status is set to 'waiting for installation'

Fig 2.a Add Customer Account

Go to 'Custom Fields' tab and select the 'ONT neighborhood that the customer is on. All ONT Neighborhoods should be added so that they can be selected from the dropdown menu

Then click => Add Customer

Fig 2.b Custom Fields - choose ONT Neighborhood

3. Once the Installer has gone to site, installed the ONT, signed the contract and sent the information back to CSR, the following will need to be done to continue setting up the customer account:

Go to "Subscription Details" under the customer account and click => Modify

Fig 3.a Modify Subscription Details

Select the Product/s and click => Add Product. All Products and pricing should be added so that they can be selected from the dropdown menu

Then click => Update Subscription Table

Fig 3.b Add product/s

4. The CSR should also fill out the ONT Location and Node the customer ONT has been installed under (based on the information obtained from installer). A full list of Nodes (E7-2 chasis) you run in your network should be provided.

Go to the Customer Account and under "Calix" click => Modify

Fig 4.a Modify Calix

Then add details under "ONT Location" and "ONT Network" and click => Update Customer

Fig 4.b Enter ONT Details

5. The CSR should then fill out the ONT details (add it as customer equipment). This information should be known after ONT has been installed.

Under the Customer Account, Equipment Details click => Modify

Fig 5.a Modify Equipment

Click "add" and enter all relevant details. Then click => Update CPE Table

Fig 5.b Update CPE Table - Add Equipment

6. The CSR should now change the customer account status to 'waiting for provision' - this will trigger sending an email to the provisioning technician with all the details required for manual provision.

Under "Status" Click => "E"

Fig 6.a Edit Customer Status

Select "waiting for provision" and click => Update Customer

Fig 6.b Change Status to "waiting for provision"

7. An email message is then sent. The format / subject / message can be changed.

Fig 7.a Example of email message

8. When manually provisioning it is not required to fill the location, customer id, or address anymore. Use one speed profile with all manual provisioning (SIMPLer will push the appropriate speed profile in next step).

Once the provisioning technician confirms that the installation is done - either the CSR or the technician himself can change the account status to 'current'.

This will trigger SIMPLer to takeover the ONT and push the location, customer id, description (i.e. address) as well as making sure ONT is in 'enabled' state and Data1 service is provisioned with speed matching the subscription under customer account.

Fig 8.a Change Account Status to 'current'

Every subscription change will change the Data1 bwprofile as well as customer status will drive whether the ONT is enabled/disabled.

Published Date: 28/Oct/2019

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