2011-4Q: SIMPLer: Consolidate Subscriptions

For operators that use our usage based billing systems a new feature has been added so that multiple line items can be consolidated into one based on product description or code. This can be of benefit to operators in markets where SAND is run several times an hour as there may be dozens or even hundreds of top up charges per month.

There are two methods for consolidating subscriptions. The user can do it on an individual customer basis by going to the customer's account and clicking "consolidate subscriptions.." in the subscription details section of the page. This should be done prior to generating invoices as invoices can not be updated.

Fig 1 - Prior to Consolidate Subscriptions

Fig 2 - After Consolidating Subscriptions

The other option is to have SIMPLer automatically consolidate subscriptions prior to generating invoices. This can be enabled under

Settings -> Modify WISP.

Fig. 3: Modify WISP

There are two options here where SIMPLer can consolidate subscriptions. If "Subscription Auto-Consolidate" is turned "on" then subscriptions will be consolidated as above. If "Subscription Auto-Consolidate - Override Description" is turned on then SIMPLer will consolidate all subscriptions based on Product Code and use the default product description.

Fig 4 - Consolidate Settings

Note: If "Subscription Auto-Consolidate - Override Description" is turned on the per customer consolidate will also consolidate based on product code and not description.

Fig 5 - Consolidate Subscriptions per Product Code

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