2019-3Q: AutoTax: Regexp Matching Mode

A new feature has been added to enhance the Autotax / Tax Rates functionality. It allows for an operator to drive complicated tax setups from one, clean tax rates page. The need for re-design came from the US market where complicated tax schemes that in one set can include:

  • tax-on-tax
  • tax changes in time
  • geo-location taxes (city / county / state)
  • product-specific taxes

To make use of this feature:

1. Add AutoTax module to available Tax Calculators and enable the 'REGEXP_MODE'

Fig 1.Operator Settings - Tax Calculator Definitions: AutoTax setup

2. Than define the Customer custom fields that will be used to match the Tax Rates against (for geo-location purposes). In US market these fields typically would be:

  • Tax City
  • Tax County
  • Tax State

It can be done from Operator Settings. The field should contain comma separated list of custom field names.

Fig 2.Operator Settings - Tax Interface: Fields to Match attribute

3. Make sure that corresponding Customer Custom fields are set

Fig 3.Operator Settings - Customer Custom Fields example

4. Add Tax Rates. If above setup has been completed - three new fields will appear on the Tax Rates Page (these fields will normally be hidden if AutoTax with Custom Fields matching is not enabled):

    • Field to Match - defines which of the customer customer fields have to match the Tax Rate (if set to none a particular Tax Rate will match all customers)
    • Value to Match - defines value that has to be matched.
    • From Date - defines what date the tax rate is valid from. Using this field operator can define chains of Tax Rate changes - unique key here is combined from name, nominal, field to match, field to match value and tax level.

Also a date selector will appear in the left top corner of the Tax Rate table that can be used to display the set of Tax Rates valid for a particular date (full Tax Rate set will be displayed if set to none).

As a reminder:

    • Nominal - this field can be used to 'tie' a tax Rate to a particular product subscription in SIMPLer. this allows to implement product specific taxes. Note that if left empty it will match only subscription whit nominal left blank for it's respective product while * (asterisk) will help match any nominal
    • Tax Level - this field can be used to implement Tax-On-Tax scenario. In essence Taxes will be calculated level-by-level - with the higher lever being calculated on the subscription amount + amount of all taxes calculated previously.

Fig 4. Tax Rate setup example

5. Customer Setup. Apart from typical billing setup (i.e. subscriptions being added) the Custom FIelds as defined for Tax Rates should be defined for a customer for Tax Rate matching.

Fig 5. Customer setup example

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Published Date: 7/Aug/2019

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