2021-4Q: [CRM] Email Customers - updated options

The Email Customer Cronjob feature has been updated to allow an operator to send additional email notifications to customers. Additional fields were added so that an operator is able to define x number of days when the email should be sent and the ability to select a minimum balance that will trigger the sending of an email.

To make use of this feature:

1. Go to

=> Settings

=> Cronjobs

=> Add Blank Row and select “Email Customer” from the dropdown. Select when the cronjob should run and specify the following:

  • Email Module - "Custom Period since status changed for first time" has been added so that in the next option an operator is able to define the Custom Period

  • Custom Period – You can set the period the email should be sent out for. For example "7 days" for 1st notification and "14 days" for second notification

  • Customer Status – select which customers to include

  • Email Type – this needs to be set up and defined as a new email template under SPID Settings. For example “1st_bill_day7_email” and “1st_bill_day14_email”

  • "Balance Higher/Equal" – If set to 0.01 it will only send out the email if the customer falls into this criteria which avoids an email being sent to customers with fully paid invoices

=> Update Cronjobs

Fig 1: Cronjob - Example of configured cronjobs

Published Date: 23-February-2022

Updated Date: 06-April-2022

Engineer: PD

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