2010-3Q: SIMPLer: Recently Viewed Customers List

A new feature has been added to SIMPLer which shows the most recently viewed customers. A small floating box in the bottom right corner of the screen shows this information.

1) The Recently Viewed Customer list is displayed by default. To customize or to permanently disable this feature, go to the user tab and click on your use name. You will see options to turn off or customize the Recently Viewed Customers List.

a). From the "Displayed By" dropdown menu, choose 'OFF' to disable this feature, or choose 'Display InvoiceID or Username or Nickname' to display the list with different labels for customers.

b). Change 'Numbers to be displayed' option to customize the number of customers to be displayed in the list.

Fig. 1 Global User Setting

2) If the SIMPLer user chooses to enable the Recently Viewed Customer list, a 'Recently viewed customers' tab will be displayed in the top center of the browser after any customer detail page has been viewed. When your mouse is hovering on the tab, a full list will be displayed.

Fig.2 'Recently Viewed Customers' tab

Fig. 3 'Recently viewed customers' list when mouse is hovering

A maximum of 10 customer records can be displayed in the list. Clicking a customer's name will link to the customer's detail page.

Note: If the tab or the list is not displayed properly on your browser, please close your browser and open it again to load the newer CSS style sheet. Sorry for any inconvenient.

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