2017-2Q: Billing: Under EFT Period

When an invoice is paid via direct debit/EFT/PAC/ACH it is assumed that the invoice will process for a period of days before being paid. For this reason, in SIMPLer these invoices are sent to an "under EFT" status for X number of days they will be moved to the "paid" status.

The default number of days "under EFT" is 3 days.

Now, Azotel has added an option to customize this number of days from 1 day to 31 days. The option to do so is located under Settings - Modify WISP (Fig. 1).

Fig. 1: Settings - Modify WISP

The option is called "Under EFT period" per Fig. 2. Select any number of days from the drop-down menu and click "update WISP".

Fig. 2: "Under EFT" Period

Please note that the majority of payment gateways/ banks will mark all processed payments as paid initially, and send failure notifications to the operator on a case per case basis as they occur. The operator should make sure to log in to SIMPLer and FAIL any of these payments mentioned in the notifications.