2019-1Q: SAND: Carry Over Unused Monthly Allowance

New feature has been added to the SAND functionality of SIMPLer system. This feature allows Operator to enable their customers monthly data allowance to be carried over to the next month as well as move customer data from one customer to another.

To make use of this feature:

1. Enable it globally per entire database under WISP settings

2. or enable it locally under customer account (under Modify Customer -> Network Details -> SAND section)

Fig 1.a Enable option under WISP settings

Fig 1.b Enable option under customer account

3. In order to move data allowance from one customer to another this feature must be enabled at least on both source and destination customers. To move the data click on (M) to "Manage Data Allowance". Popup window to move the data allowance shows up - select the destination customer and amount of data [GB] to be moved and click "Submit"

Fig. 2a. Move the Data Allowance

Fig. 2b. Move the Data Allowance

Published Date: 2019-03-05

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