2010-1Q: BILLING: Direct Debit Processing

A new option has been added to SIMPLer, which allows an operator to decide how direct debit will be initially processed for given bank account details. It is essential from the point of view of the winbits files because the details will be generated differently depending on the flag.

This option is available from the "Add/Modify Customer Details" page.

    1. On the "Customer Details" page click on the "modify..." link near Billing Details:

    1. Choose the "direct debit" option from the Payment Method list. The First Time Direct Debit option will then become available:

    1. When First Time Direct Debit is set to "on", the bank account details (Bank Sort Code, Bank Account Number) will be treated as a new instance so that when the payment is processed, the appropriate direct debit (winbits file) line entry flags will be set.

Note: Modifying the Bank Sort Code or Bank Account Number will automatically change First Time Direct Debit to "on".

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