2020-1Q: AutoTax per Subscription

A new feature has been added to enhance flexibility of tax functionality within SIMPLer. It allows for an operator to specify taxes at the Product, Customer or Subscription level.

Please note that if you have set taxes under subscription this will override both customer and product taxes. If taxes are specified at the customer level it will override the product taxes.

Should a customer have more than 1 subscription it is advisable for the taxes to be specified per subscription and for the tax settings under the customer account to be left blank.

To make use of this feature:

1. To set up taxes under the subscription table go to the Customer Account and then their Subscription Details

2. Click Modify

3. Select the correct product and change the desired taxes as per the red block in Fig 1 below

Fig 1 AutoTax under Subscription

Published Date: [09-April-2020]

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