2016-1Q: CRM: Address Verification

SIMPLer has integrated with USPS to allow operators to enable address verification/completion when filling out an address in SIMPLer. USPS works for U.S based addresses. To avail of this feature, you can navigate to the "3rd Party Modules" button on the Settings tab of SIMPLer as per Fig. 1.

Fig. 1: 3rd Party Modules

You may need to enable a user right on your account to access this page. The user right in question is called "Third Party Modules". Ask your administrator to assign this user right for you.

One on the 3rd party modules page you can add a blank row and fill out your USPS details by choosing the "name" USPS and entering your user ID that you have received when you registered for your USPS account. (See Fig, 2)

Fig. 2: USPS Account Details

Once you have your account enabled, filling out certain details under the customer billing address details / installation address details will help you populate the full and correct address. The minimum required fields to be filled out are:

(a) Street 1 AND Zip code


(b) Street 1, City, AND State.

Once you populate either of the above combinations, the reminder of the address should be populated correctly. You can choose to "show" the map and select the GPS coordinates of that location once you are happy with it.

In Fig. 3, we show an example of a data entry of street 1 + Zip code.

Fig. 3: Address Entry

Once you finish entering the information, click outside the box and the page will refresh with completed information as per Fig. 4.

Fig. 4: Completed Address