2012-3Q (v002): Billing: Receive Payment - Cumulative Receipt

The ability to generate a cumulative payment Receipt was added to the 'Receive Payments' page. On the payment transaction summary page from 'Payment Transaction Log' section (Fig. 1) - an operator can download and print a cumulative receipt for each customer whose payment was processed. This cumulative receipt will list the total amount processed from both - prepayments and lodgements. Receipts can be downloaded and printed:

    • separately for each customer - using the blue PDF icon

    • all at one - using the 'Print Transaction Receipts' button

Note that from Lodgements and Prepayments sections of the summary page - an operator can print out the detailed receipts that will cover either the lodgement or the prepayment alone.

Fig. 1: Payment Transaction Log

Fig. 2: Print

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