2011-2Q: Maintenance Ownership

This new feature allows to label the maintenance issues with an ownership tag that can be than used to create summary statistics, customizes listings via SIMPLer gui interface, sorting the excel spreadsheet.

The ownership flags are fully configurable and can be set from "settings->Maint. Issue Ownership Types" page. By default the ownership table is empty. Operator defines the ownership to reflect his own requirements.

Fig. 1. Settings page in SIMPLer platform

Fig. 2. Maintenance Ownership Values page

When the ownership labels are defined, operator can start using them to tag the maintenance issues. Option for this can be found under modify maintenance page:

Fig. 3. Ownership dropdown on the "Modify Maintenance Issue" page

Using the ownership tag operator can do customized searches from "Maintenance" page

Fig. 4. Ownership dropdown on the "List Maintenance Issues" page

The ownership will also appear in the exported excel spreadsheet and the Summary Maintenance Email that are sent from SIMPLer on a daily basis as per below:

Maintenance Issues Summary:

Attached is the list of maintenance issues of type 'all'.

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