2021-2Q: [CRM] Alianza API integration

Alianza API

The integration module that was developed for Alianza API allows operator to:

  • streamline customer accounts setup in Alianza

  • check base status of Alianza account directly from customer details page in SIMPLer

  • synchronize SIP accounts from Alianza to SIMPLer with a hit of a button

  • update customer status in Alianza automatically to match the customer status in SIMPLer

Status Section on Customer Details page

When enabled the integration module will talk with Alianza API each time the customer details page is opened and display a detailed status about the account as reported by Alianza API. The report covers base settings of the Alianza account such as:

  • Account Number: must be the same / match a field in SIMPLer (nickname by default) to link Alianza and SIMPLer

  • Account Name: When pushed from SIMPLer it will default to customer name field. Can be changed in Alianza afterwards. It does not have to match any fields in SIMPLer

  • Account Status: ACTIVE or DISABLED - account status will be automatically updated from SIMPLer every time customer status changes. Account status will be set as ACTIVE if customer is 'current' in SIMPLer otherwise it will be set to DISABLED


  • Platform Type: as set in Alianza

  • Product Plans: this field will list all product plans assigned to the Alianza account

  • Billing Cycle Day: this field is defined upon customer account setup and will match the operator billing day. Can be overridden afterwards from Alianza GUI

  • Calling Plans: once calling plans are added to customer account using Alianza GUI - these will also be displayed

      • Start Date

      • Plan Minutes

      • Seconds Remaining

  • SIP Lines: once set in Alianza GUI these will also be listed on customer details API status section. The following details will be displayed for each line:

      • lineNumber

      • sipUsername

      • sipPassword

      • displayName

      • emergencyNumber

      • macAddress

Additionally there will be two buttons displayed in the Alianza status section of customer details page:

  • Open in Alianza GUI - opens an Alianza GUI Admin page in a separate window

  • Alianza API Console - opens an interactive console window that allows to execute some basic commands

Adding customer to Alianza

For customers that do not have an account created in Alianza yet a "Customer not enabled in Alianza" message will be displayed. Operator should use the API Console to start the customer setup in Alianza.

In the API Console choose action: "Account: Add", then click "Next"

On the next page define following attributes of the account that is being created:

  • Account Type:

    • SIMPLE - these accounts only allow one telephone number, one user, and one device. It is not necessary to specify extension length or specify an extension number for the user.

    • ADVANCED - these accounts allow multiple phone numbers, multiple users, and multiple devices. Advanced accounts allow the end user to use extension-to-extension dialling, therefore it is necessary to define a length of extensions to be used. Also in the dialling behaviour, ADVANCED accounts now allow dialling 9 plus 10 or 11 digit dialling. If no extension-to-extension dialling is needed, the dialling behaviour can be set to 7, 10, or open dialling.

  • Billing Cycle Day - defines day that is used for all billing calculations i.e. minute package usage etc

  • Dialling Behaviour Type:






  • Extension Length - this field has to be defined only for Type ADVANCED accounts that have multiple lines set and the extension-to-extension dialling is required.

Once "Continue" button is pressed the account will be created and the browser redirected back to the customer details page in SIMPLer

Next step is to click on the "Open in Alianza GUI" button and complete the account setup from Alianza Admin pages. In the process Address, SIP Lines, Call packages will be assigned to the Voice account. Please refer to Alianza manuals / training for details on how to complete the process. Once the customer account is set in Alianza please go back to SIMPLer. Open the API console and execute "Account: Synchronize SIP Lines" to poll the SIP lines that were configured. Then add them to Alianza voice details table in SIMPLer that lists all SIP accounts and configures them to customer equipment where such feature is supported (i.e. Zhone)

Synchronizing SIP Lines

Synchronize SIP Lines procedure has to be carried out if the SIP lines were added/modified in Alianza. Upon execution SIMPLer will scan for any SIP account changes and apply same in SIMPLer database and customer equipment (where supported). To start the procedure open the 'API Console' and select 'Account: Synchronize SIP Lines' option then click on 'Next' button

Then select the synchronization "Mode" and click on "Continue". There are two modes supported:

  • Full Synchronization - when this option is selected Alianza SIP accounts in SIMPLer will match exactly what is in Alianza. New accounts will be added to SIMPLer, modifications will be applied to existing accounts and any additional accounts in SIMPLer that do not exist in Alianza will get deleted from SIMPLer

  • Add only - when this mode is selected - new accounts and modifications to existing ones will be synchronized to SIMPLer. Accounts that exist in SIMPLer, but not in Alianza will not get deleted.

Once this process is completed SIP accounts will be synchronized and the browser will be directed back to the customer details page.

Deleting customer from Alianza

To delete a customer from Alianza open 'API Console', select 'Account: Delete' option and press 'Next'.

Then on the next page confirm the action by pressing 'Continue' again. Once done the customer account will be deleted from Alianza and the browser will be directed back to the customer details page in SIMPLer.

Integration setup

The API integration can be set from the 'Settings -> External API (triggers)' page in SIMPLer. While it is always better to leave the setup to Azotel engineering staff - here are some setup tips:

To enable the status section on customer details page and the console commands please select the 'Customer Synchro Console' and 'Customer Status' to enabled

Then add the trigger definition for Alianza API. The important bits to get right are:

  • API_USERNAME - username as used in the Alianza GUI Admin

  • API_PASSWORD - password as used in the Alianza GUI Admin

  • Account_Number_Field - defines the field that will be used to link SIMPLer with Alianza. Defaults to SIMPLer's customer 'nickname' if left blank (recommended)

  • Custom_SIP_Table_dialNumber - ID of the custom 'Alianza Voice' table 'Dial Number' field (for synchronizing SIP accounts)

  • Custom_SIP_Table_displayName - ID of the custom 'Alianza Voice' table 'Display Name' field (for synchronizing SIP accounts)

  • Custom_SIP_Table_password - ID of the custom 'Alianza Voice' table 'SIP Password' field (for synchronizing SIP accounts)

  • Custom_SIP_Table_portNumber - ID of the custom 'Alianza Voice' table 'Port Number' field (for synchronizing SIP accounts)

  • Custom_SIP_Table_userName - ID of the custom 'Alianza Voice' table 'User Name' field (for synchronizing SIP accounts)

Once all above fields are filled out - click on 'Update Trigger Settings' to confirm

As mentioned above 'Custom_SIP_Table_dialNumber, Custom_SIP_Table_displayName, Custom_SIP_Table_password, Custom_SIP_Table_portNumber, Custom_SIP_Table_userName' fields should match the Alianza Voice custom table that lists SIP accounts. See below

Published Date: 24-May-2021

Engineer: MG

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