2012-4Q: SAND: Do not set 'valid from' date on overage topup subscription

So far each overage top-up that was automatically generated by SAND (Subscriber Auto Notfication/Disconnection) was being added to the customer subscription as a future recurring product. The reason behind this has been that if Operator wanted to show customer usage from previous month on the invoice and they generate invoices in the middle of the current month they would be showing customer usage for full previous month and overage top-ups for full previous month. Otherwise invoices generated in the middle of the month would contain any overage top-up products generate in current month and that would not match usage from previous month.

New option has been added for Operators who do not show usage on customer invoice and want all of the overages to be activated on the closest invoice that is going to be generated. This requires to take off 'valid from' date from overage top-up so each overage top-up becomes current recurring subscription instead of future recurring subscription. On figure 1 option is shown. Figure 2 shows default behaviour. Figure 3 shows behaviour if option 'Do not set 'valid from' date on overage top-up subscription' is set

Figure 1. New option (Settings->Modify WISP "Subscriber Auto Notification/Disconnection" section)

Figure 2. Default behaviour

Figure 3. Behaviour if option 'Do not set 'valid from' date on overage top-up subscription' is set

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