2009-4Q: BILLING: E-check Payment Processing via EUP (End User Portal)

1) A subscriber now has the ability to submit e-check payments through the End User Portal:

2) The subscriber is then asked to complete banking details required to process e-check payment.

3) Customer banking details are saved and the invoice appears on 'Invoices to be EFT' page. If a customer additionally selects e-check to be default payment method all future invoices will automatically appear on this page:

4) Authorize.NET allows the Operator to customize the format and layout of the uploaded "WINBITs" file. The file generated by SIMPLer is in the following format and sequence per entry or line:


(a) Title,

(b) Payment Amount,

(c) Payment Type (Credit Card or eCheck),

(d) eCheck Type,

(e) Bank Acct #,

(f) Acct Type,

(g) Routing # (9 digit max),

(h) Bank Name,

(i) SIMPLer Invoicing ID (18 char max),

(j) First Name,

(k) Last Name,

(l) blank

5) Select the invoices and click 'Generate' to create a file. This file will then need to be manually uploaded to Authorize.NET:

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