2012:-1Q: SIMPLer Form 477 Integration

Note: This version of the Form 477 page was de-activated on August 06 2014, due to new requirements from the FCC, the new version can be found here!

An interface that allows generation of Census Tract Reports required by the FCC for Form 477 has been integrated within SIMPLer.

The Form 477 interface must be globally enabled and a Default Tech Code must be selected (“settings->Modify WISP Details”->”SIMPLer Details” section – Fig. 1)

Fig. 1. Form 477 – global settings

Each SIMPLer user must have “Dashboard – Form 477” access right set to be able to access Form 477 interface (Fig. 2)

Note: If no one in your company has this right please contact support@azotel.com to have access granted

Fig. 2. Form 477 – user rights

Each customer can have the “Technology Code” overriden. Technology Codes available:

1 – Asymmetric xDSL

2 – Symmetric xDSL

3 – Other Wireline

4 – Cable Modem

5 – Optical Carrier (fiber to the end user)

6 – Satellite

7 – Terrestrial Fixed Wireless

8 – Terrestrial Mobile Wreless

9 – Electric Power Line

Users can define Other Technology Codes. Every other technology code will get the numbers 01, 02, 03 and so on for each new technology code where:

0 – All Others (indicated that other technology code is used)

1,2,3 etc – subsequent other technology codes (Fig. 3)

Fig. 3. Form 477 – Tech Code – Customer Details

The Form 477 page is available under the Dashboard - “Tools” menu (Fig. 4). On the “Form 477” page a “Data Rates Summary Table” is displayed. Note that all counts are based on “current” customers and buckets assigned. There are two options “Update Customer GPS Details” and “Generate Census Tract Report”. It is recommended to update customer GPS details before generating census tract reports. SIMPLer calls the FCC API to retrieve FIPS and Census Tract County codes. The FCC API uses GPS coordinates as an input parameters. Customers who do not have GPS coordinates specified or their GPS coordinates are incorrect will not be taken into account when generating report.

Generating Census Tract Report will result in a CSV report being added to the “Census Tract Reports” table. All created reports are displayed in the table. An error log is available to review customers who were not processed due to errors. Option (D) allows to delete a specific report from the system. (Fig. 5,6) The CSV file name is built based on the pattern:



<username> - name of user that has created Census Tract Report

<date> - date when Census Tract Report was generated

<random> - random number

Fig. 4. Form 477 link

Fig. 5. Form 477 – Data Rates Summary Table

Fig. 6. Generating Census Tract Report

Initial Setup Tips

  • All currently existing customer records in SIMPLer won't have a "Technology Code". Contact support@azotel.com to have a default value set for existing customers (e.g. Terrestrial Fixed Wireless)

  • The reported rates are based on customer buckets (base rates if using bursting). In RADIUS deployments reporting buckets should be created for grouping customers. This will not affect customer speeds if the WIB is not in line or you are using a virtual WIB

  • Any "current" customer accounts that have just been used for testing or internal work (e.g. installer accounts) should have their customer type set to "test account".

  • Census tract data is based on the GPS coordinates on a customer's account. If GPS coordinates aren't specified a tool is available to use the customer's address to determine their approximate GPS coordinates using the Google Maps API. Simply click "Update Customer GPS Details".

  • Use the Error.log file to help find customers with issues with their GPS coordinates.


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