2018-4Q: Auto-populate address from Eircode

Auto-populate address from Eircode

A new feature is added to enhance the capability in getting address information from Eircode entered. This will be of use to the Irish operators. It uses the google geocoder capability and requires map to be enabled (with the operator’s Google API key).

When a customer is added / updated the map needs to be enabled by using "Show Map" button (Fig 2.a) - so the maps API gets loaded (it is hidden by default to minimize number of calls to the API and reducing possible costs).

When the map is loaded type Eircode into "Post Code" field and the marker on the map will move automatically to the correct location. If all is OK, proceed to click "OK" on the marker and GPS coordinates will update automatically.

Steps to get address:

  1. Customers -> Add/ Modify Customer

  2. Show Map

Eircode show map

Fig 2.a Show Map

  1. Type Eircode into "Post Code" field

Eircode type in

Fig 3.a Enter Postcode

  1. Leave the field - address will now auto-populate. Note that while the address may not be filled with complete information, the GPS X and Y co-ordinates tend to be very accurate.

Eircode auto-populate

Fig 4.a Enter Postcode

  1. Update / Save customer

Useful link to Google Map API Key documentation:


Published Date: 20 December 2018

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