2015-3Q: CRM: Enhancements to Mass Email Feature

Some enhancements have been added to the SIMPLer mass email feature:

1) The ability to email a group of customers as selected from the CUSTOMERS search page.

2) The ability to customize an email footer to send with the mass email.


To avail of 1), you would need to:

Step One: Navigate to the CUSTOMERS tab in SIMPLer as demonstrated in fig. 1.

Fig. 1: Customers Tab

Step Two: Perform your desired customer search as shown in Fig. 2. For example below, we are searching for all current customers in the "group" 001ZoneA. We make sure to click "search current" or "view customer list" in order to pull up and review the correct list. In the example below, three results are returned.

Fig. 2: Customer Search

Step Three: Now click "mass mail notification" as shown in fig. 3.

Fig. 3: Mass mail notification

Step Four: At this stage you will be re-directed to the MASS EMAIL page, where your email list will be set to "customer search results" which means that the customers emailed will be the customers you have previously selected on the customers tab. Selecting another option will either allow you to type email addresses in yourself manually ("enter email addresses manually"), or create a new, limited search ("specify criteria") based on the options available on the mass email page. For now, we will keep to our original search results as specified above.

Compose your subject and body, and click SEND. An email will go out to the customer search you have made in step Two.

Fig. 4: Mass Email Page


To avail of 2), you would need to do as follows:

Step One: Navigate to the Settings - Modify WISP page (Fig. 5) and scroll to the Operator emails section to define your DEFAULT footer as shown in Fig. 6.

Fig. 5: Settings - modify WISP

It is important to make sure that only the exact type mass_email is entered if you would like to customize the mass email footer. Enter the desired footer in the footer field, using html. Click UPDATE WISP to register any changes.

Fig. 6: Defining the email footer

Step Two: Now when you are sending a mass email from the mass email page, as described in the first section of this release, you will be able to use that default footer, modify the contents or delete the footer if it is not required. The footer is shown on the mass email page in Fig. 7.

One thing you need to note is to use either 'HTML Code' or 'Rich Text' as a message option while sending as otherwise footer will be converted to 'Plain Text' (i.e. all formatting and images will be stripped).

Fig. 7: Footer on mass email page

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