2013-4Q (v001): Billing: Refunds via Payment Gateway

Azotel SIMPLer can communicate with a variety of payment gateways to process credit cards/bank accounts, each of these payment gateways has a different level of integration. Coming soon to SIMPLer is a feature that will allow operators using certain payment gateways to push refunds from SIMPLer to the gateway. (Previously the process was to refund money through the gateway and then log the refund in SIMPLer).


2013 -Quarter 4: The feature will be available for IP Pay (Tokenized module)

2014 -Quarter 1: The feature is available for customers using First Data as a payment gateway.

2014 -Quarter 1 (from February 10th): The feature will be available for IP Pay (non-tokenized module)

2015 - Quarter 2: This feature will be available for Moneris (Vault only)

Other payment gateways on request.

Feature Outline:

There are three ways of using the feature:

1) Custom Refund. By defining a refund product in SIMPLer, operators can choose to refund a custom amount through SIMPLer and push this refund directly via IP Pay.

2) Refund button for negative invoices. Some operators may already have some negative invoices generated in SIMPLer. If they need to physically refund this money, a refund link has been created to make the process easier.

3) Prorated Refund for paid invoices. A refund button has been created beside paid invoices. If not the entire amount is to be refunded, dates can be manipulated to only partially refund the invoice in question. (Note: only applied to single paid invoices)

Feature Use:

1) Custom Refund Option

Step One: Create a product in SIMPLer that you will use for refunds.

Step Two: Visit the subscriber record of the customer you wish to refund. Scroll to the customer billing details section. See the quick links on the right-hand-side and click on custom refund as per fig. 1.1.

Fig. 1.1: Custom Refund

Step Three: (See fig. 1.2)

a) Choose your product.

b) Enter price and correct tax.

c) Verify amount is correct.

d) Verify correct credit card and gateway have been selected.

e) Process Refund.

Fig. 1.2: Process Refund

Step Four: Verify your action as per fig. 1.3.

Fig. 1.3: Verify Refund

Step Five: You will receive a transaction reference as per fig. 1.4.

Fig. 1.4: Transaction Reference

Step Six: Verify that your refund has been logged successfully in SIMPLer as per fig. 1.5, and in your IP Pay portal.

Fig. 1.5: View refund ref in SIMPLer

2) Refund Negative Invoice Option

Step One: You will have previously created a negative invoice in SIMPLer but have not yet pushed the monies back to the customer's account via IP Pay.

Step Two: Visit the subscriber record in question. Locate the negative invoice under "last five invoices" as per fig. 2.1.

Fig. 2.1: Locate Refund

Step Three: Click on the refund link beside the amount as highlighted in fig. 2.1.

Step Four: See fig. 2.3.

a) Verify the details of the products being refunded.

b) Verify amount, date, credit card, payment gateway, reference and narrative.

c) Process Refund.

Fig. 2.3: Verify and Process Refund

Step Five: Verify refund and click ok. (See fig. 2.4)

Fig. 2.4: Verify Refund

Step Six: View transaction code. (See fig. 2.5)

Fig. 2.5: Transaction Reference

Step Seven: Verify subscriber record balance.

3) Calculate and Process Refund Option (paid invoices)

Scenario: The customer has received an invoice on November 1st for $121.00. The invoice has been fully paid. The customer cancels service on November 8th. You need to refund money from this date.

Step One: Go to the last five invoices section of your subscriber record. Locate the paid invoice in question and click on the R button as per fig. 3.1.

Fig. 3.1: Refund Button

Step Two: See fig. 3.2.

a) Choose the appropriate date for refund to begin and select "recalculate"

b) Verify the refund details and final amount.

c) Verify the credit card and interface and reference.

d) Select "process refund"

Fig. 3.2: Verify and Process Refund

Step Three: Verify details once more and click OK. (Fig. 3.3)

Fig. 3.3: Verify Refund

Step Four: Acknowledge Transaction Reference. (Fig. 3.4)

Fig. 3.4: Transaction Reference

Step Five: Verify customer balance looks ok in SIMPLer and refund has been processed in IP Pay.

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