2010-4Q: SIMPLer: Equipment page Enhancement

A feature has been added that allow SIMPLer users to record extra information about the costs of one piece of equipment, and to create a username and password for each equipment. Also, operators can now assign the equipment to a site.

New fields can be seen in equipment detail page, which is located under the NETWORK tab, under the EQUIPMENT page. These new fields include:

1) A ‘cost’ field to record the value for a equipment,

2) ’Default username’ and ‘password’ which the value is read from global wisp setting,

Fig 1. Equipment Username and password fields in global WISP setting

Fig 2. Default username and password read from global WISP setting

A table will be displayed underneath if one or more new credentials are created.

Fig 3. One or more credentials are created

These new added fields will be visible/invisible depending on different user rights. (Settings - [username] Account)

3) Assign a piece of equipment to a site

Operators can now build up associations between site and equipment on equipment page in such case when the association has not been created on the basestation page.

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