2011-1Q: SIMPLer: Add Plan / Product Packages

1. Add Plan / Product Packages Overview

A feature has been added that allows to create a package which contains multiple products. So defined package can be assigned to a customer via subscriptions page.

2. Setup new package

a) To set up a new package go to 'products' -> 'Packages tab and click 'Add' button (see Fig. 1).

Figure 1. Add new package

b) Now please define Code (name) and Description for this package (see Fig. 2).

Figure 2. Specify Code (name) and Description for new package

c) After you clicked 'Add' button you will be redirected to page where you should assign products to this package (see Fig. 3). You can freely add/remove products using 'Add' and 'D' buttons. After you assigned the products to a package use 'Update' button to apply the changes.

Figure 3. Products in a package

d) A created package can be assigned to a customer's 'Subscriptions'. To do it please go to 'Modify Subscriptions' page from a Customer's details page (see Fig. 4), and follow next steps:

    • select a package from the list (Fig. 5 - 1),

    • add the package to a customer (Fig. 5 - 2),

    • update the subscriptions (Fig. 5 - 3).

Figure 4. Customer's Details page

Figure 5. Modify Subscription page

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