2010-3Q: SIMPLer: Customer Contact Form

A new feature has been added to the SIMPLer system that allows operators to embed a Contact Form into their webpage. Customers who are interested in this feature can fill the Contact Frame with the required information and the query is sent directly to the SIMPLer server which sets the customer's account with the status - potential.

In order to enable this option, go to global WISP settings and set "Contact Page" option.

"Contact Page - confirmation text" is the text displayed after a customer sends a query to an operator. If this field is left blank, the text will read :

"Thank you for your query. We will follow up shortly.

Best Regards,

Sales Team."

If the contact page is set, it can be customised and embed it into your website. This can be done by adding iFrame on your website with the correct URL that is pointing to the Contact Frame, e.g.:

<iframe src="https://server_name/CustomerPortal/contact.pl?operator=WISPID"width="700" height




<iframe src="https://server_name/CP/contact.pl?operator=WISPID"width="700"height="900"frameborder="0"marginheight="0"marginwidth="0">Loading...


Please note that the URL might be different. It depends of which server the instance belongs to if "CP" or "CustomerPortal" is used in he URL.

The contact form is customizable, i.e. an operator can specify all the details :

- field name

- note

- elements of html element

- html type (scrolling_list,textfield,textarea,radiogroup etc)

- mandatory (only applies to textfield and textarea)

Operators must be logged in to the SIMPLer instance to create or modify appropriate fields in the contact form. Then use URL




in your browser. You will see the contact form and administration panel that allows to make modifications. See picture below:

The form that is presented was created on "Admin View" page. When you click "Admin View" you will see the page with multiple options :

The following rules applies here :

- each row represents one row on the contact page

- if "Label" is empty, a record is not created (or is deleted if it was created previously)

- "Note" is not mandatory

- "Elements" are elements of given html type. If "textarea" or "textfield" is chosen "elements" field is empty

- ',' is delimiter of elements

- "Type" shows what html type should be created for given record

- "Database Field" represents the field that is populated when the user enters some data (or choose the element from list/group)

- "Mandatory" specifies if field is mandatory

- If you specify two fields with the same "Database Field" - SIMPLer field will be populated with both of them (with delimiter ',')

- 'Note' and 'Private Note' are populated differently - if you have specific question to Customer that did not apply for any of the "Database Field" you will probably want to add it to the 'Note' field in SIMPLer. The Data will be put to the SIMPLer in the following manner :

[DATE: WebQuery]

[LABEL] Customer Input,

[LABEL] Customer Input,

[LABEL] Customer Input,


In order to apply the changes click on "ADMIN UPDATE" button that is at the bottom of the page:

Customers will not see the Administration Panel as it is only visible to users who are logged into SIMPLer server. When a customer enters all of the data and clicks the "Send Query" button, the account will be created on the SIMPLer server and a notification email will be sent to the operator's "Sales Email" (or "Email" if "Sales Email" not specified) that can be set under global WISP settings:

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