2010-1Q: PROVISIONING: Multiple Equipment per Subscriber Record

NOTE: The provisioning process remains to work as before i..e the customer has to be in 'waiting for install' status, with NO CPE or IP details assigned.

However, from the Subscriber Record perspective a number of changes have been applied.

1) Equipment handling has been removed from 'Modify Customer -> Network Details' as per below screenshot:

2) The Operator can now access the "Equipment Management" page (similar to the "Modify IP" page) from the "Network:" section as shown on the below screenshots:

or from

3) The equipment manager allows the Operator to allocate equipment from the 'stock' state to the customer. During this process the Operator can also specify a set of additional CPE parameters such as:

    1. Colour

    2. Frequency

    3. GPS coordinates

    4. Distance

    5. Installer

    6. Dish

    7. Grounding

4) CPEtool: This was added in to cover NAT switching functionality. Up till now, when you changed the NAT setting under customer details, it led to SIMPLer provisioning these settings to the SM. With multiple equipment this could not be used anymore. The NAT setting under customer details has now changed to 'Auto-Prov NAT' (Auto Provision NAT) and will be used only during the auto-provision of the first CPE equipment for that particular subscriber.

The CPEtool then enables the Operator to carry out the following actions, on a per CPE basis:

    1. view 'live' status of CPE from SIMPLer

    2. push the NAT configuration to CPE devices. In future we could use this facility to push any other settings e.g. bandwidth limits etc.

    3. change IP details on CPE using SIMPLer without the need to re-provision the whole subscriber.

The CPEtool can be opened from two icons marked on the picture below. Note that only CPE that are fully supported by SIMPLer will have this capability e.g. Canopy SM, Ubiquity Nanostation.

The IP dropdown list (see below) will include all IP addresses assigned to the customer. The live status is what is polled from the equipment at the current time. This can be easily extended to include more information.

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