2011-2Q: Provisioning: MIR/CIR Bandwidth Settings

Note: Contact Azotel Support to enable this feature.

A new feature has been added to the SIMPLer provisioning tool that allows SIMPLer installers to provision MIR (Maximum Information Rate) and CIR (Committed Information Rate) on Canopy and Ubiquity Nanostation Subscriber Modules.* In order to do this, customer accounts must be supplied with MIR and CIR values that will be used during the provisioning process. Customer accounts can be set up by assigning MIR and CIR values manually or by selecting a previously created CPE Bandwidth Package (fig. 1).

* Note: Ubiquity Nanostation supports MIR settings only.

Fig. 1. CPE Bandwidth Data on Customer Network Details

Selecting a CPE Bandwidth Package will cause the fields in the CPE Bandwidth Data section to be pre-populated with data from the package. The operator may then over-ride individual values if required. Selecting a “blank” CPE Bandwidth Package, or setting all fields to “0” will disable CIR/MIR.

In order to create CPE Bandwidth Packages go to the “network->CPE Package” tab and add packages to the system. The “Update” button must be pressed to finish the process of adding CPE packages to the database (fig. 2).

Fig. 2. CPE Bandwidth Packages

New “Waiting For Install” customers will be provisioned with MIR/CIR settings during provisioning process (tools->provision now) (fig. 3) or SMs can be updated using CPE tool on customer details page (fig.4 and fig. 5) – the CPE tool reads the current settings from the CPE device, and will update the CPE, and the customers SIMPLer record, when the “Update Equipment Settings” button is pressed.

Fig. 3. “Provision Now” tool.

Fig. 4. Equipment Details Section on Customer Details page.

Fig. 5. CPE tool.

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