2010-2Q: PROVISIONING: Customer and Equipment IPs on different WIBs

A minor update has been made to the Canopy / Nanostation auto provision process (tools -> Provision Now!). For the most part this will make no change to the way in which customers are currently provisioned, but there is one important difference:-

At present when you select and IP range from the "IP address of SM" drop down, the WIB associated with that IP range is used to allocate both the equipment IP and also the customer IP(s).... i.e. both are allocated from the same WIB, and this is decided by the equipment IP range:

If the customer happened to have a different gateway assigned in their network details (such as the sample below), SIMPLer updated the gateway details to match the WIB chosen for the equipment, and assigned the customer to the "default" traffic shaping bucket.

This behaviour is not desirable for numerous reasons:

  • It prevents customers from being auto provisioned on a WIB which differs from their equipments WIB

  • If the customers gateway was updated during the auto provision process, the customer was assigned to a "default" traffic shaping bucket, which most likely would not match the desired bandwidth the customer is paying for - this would require the operator to go in and make a further update to the customer's account to correct the problem.

[Note, if the customer's gateway matched the equipment IP's WIB, then the gateway and bucket were not updated]

Going forward SIMPLer will no longer over-ride the gateway set for the customer. This will allow customers to be provisioned onto a WIB which is not the same as their equipment's WIB, and will also prevent the customer from being assigned to the default traffic shaping bucket.

In summary the provisioning process will operate as follows:

  1. An equipment IP will be allocated based on the WIB selected in the "IP address of SM" drop down on the tools -> Provision Now! page (unchanged)

  2. If the customer's gateway is not set in their customer details, the customer will be assigned to the same WIB as the equipment (unchanged)

  3. If the customer's gateway is set in their customer details, SIMPLer will NOT override the setting even if it differs from the equipment's WIB (new behaviour)

  4. If a customer is not already assigned to a traffic shaping bucket, they will be assigned to the default bucket on their WIB (unchanged)

  5. The WIB files on both the equipment WIB and customer WIB will be updated at the end of the provisioning process (new behaviour)

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