2012-3Q (v002): Billing: Prepayment Receipts

A new feature has been implemented in the SIMPLer system, that allows operators to generate receipts for prepayments. Along with this feature, a 'Last 5 Prepayments' table has been added to the customer details page to ease access to this financial information.

Operators can generate the prepayment receipts from either:

    • "Last 5 Prepayments" table in "Customer Billing Details" section on "Customer Details" page

    • or from "Prepayments" page (this page can be accessed from the customer details page either from the left side menu or by clicking the "all.." link in the "Last 5 Prepayments" table; additionally,the prepayments page listing all available prepayments in the system can be accessed from invoices page)

    • summary 'Custom Non-EFT Payments' page

Operators can tailor the format of the receipt to their needs by editing the receipt template from "Settings" -> "Templates" -> "Prepayments" page in SIMPLer.

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