2016-1Q: PROVISIONING: Provision Now Support for Cambium ePMP1000

SIMPLer has been updated to support provisioning of Cambium ePMP1000 CPEs. From a SIMPLer perspective the process for provisioning a Cambium ePMP1000 CPE is identical to other equipment types. Bridge mode, NAT mode and PPPoE modes are all supported.

The steps required to prepare a CPE for auto-provisioning are as follows:

  • Connect to the unit at the default IP address

  • Associate the unit to the desired AP

  • On the Configuration -> System tab, enter the customers nickname in the "Device Name" field:

  • Also on the Configuration -> System tab set the SNMP Read-Write community string to match the default set in SIMPLer WISP settings:

  • On the Configuration -> Network tab give the device an IP address, set the subnet mask and gateway address (Note - it is probably easiest to leave the device in Bridge mode - it will be changed to NAT or PPPoE if required during provisioning).

  • Apply and save the changes and reboot the device if required.

  • Provision Now from SIMPLer using the IP address set above.


  • It is not possible to set the device password via SNMP. Therefore the install should set a password on the device once installation is complete.