2021-4Q: [CRM] Display Linked Site and Equipment Tickets on Customer Account

A new feature has been added to enhance the maintenance ticket functionality.

Any ticket related to a site or piece of equipment, that the customer is associated with, is now able to be displayed on the customer’s account.

If there is an issue with a site or piece of equipment, the related tickets are now visible from the customer’s account. An operator looking at the account is able to quickly see that problems the customer is having might be related to the site or equipment rather than the customer themselves.

To make use of this feature:

1. Go to => Modify WISP

2. Change the below option/s to "Yes"

Fig 1: WISP settings to display Site and Equipment tickets on Customer Account

The tickets will now be visible from the customer’s account under “Last 5 Maintenance”

Published Date: 22-November 2021

Engineer: PD

Contact Azotel Support:

Need more help? Save time by creating a maintenance ticket to Azotel through your instance or email support@azotel.com.