2020-3Q: Limit the Number of Tickets created on the EUP

A new feature has been added to limit the number of tickets a customer can open from the End User Portal.

To make use of this feature:

1. Click => Modify WISP

2. Enter the number of tickets you would like to set as a limit. The setting below is for ALL customer types

Fig 1 Maximum opened EUP tickets per customer - all customer types

3. Should you wish to add a customisable note that will be displayed once the customer reaches the threshold you can enter it into the following box

Fig 2 Maximum opened EUP tickets - Notification

There is also the ability of setting the limit for the number of tickets allowed to be opened by Business and Residential customers separately

Fig 3 Maximum opened EUP tickets per customer - business & residential customer types

Published Date: [30-July-2020]

Updated: [11-September -2020]

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