2017-1Q: Network: Auto-append RADIUS username suffix

SIMPLer RADIUS settings have been updated to allow a suffix to be auto-appended to RADIUS usernames which are generated when a customer is auto-provisioned or added. Prior to this only a prefix could be specified. Now both a prefix and a suffix can be specified. The suffix can be any text, such as "@realm".

A new field has been added under Settings -> Radius Server Settings:

With the above settings, a customer with an invoicing ID of "longtest" would have the following RADIUS username auto-generated:

i.e. "sjs_" has been prefixed to the invoicing ID and "@azotel.com" has been appended to it.

NOTE: In addition to this change, the overall length of the auto-generated RADIUS username will be truncated to be under 64 characters in length as this is the max allowed by RADIUS databases.