2011-1Q: SIMPLer: Customer Attachments handling enhancements

Additions have been added to improve customer attachments handling using external FTP server.

1) Ability to store customer files in separate folders

So far all attachments were stored in one common folder. There is an option now to use separate directory (named after customer ID) to store attachments in. This is configurable in FTP settings section on Modify WISP page:

2) Ability to synchronize remote customer folder with SIMPLer records

There are cases when customer files are added to file server from outside SIMPLer. A tool has been introduced to detect any files in customer folder that aren't listed in customer attachment list.

Also if the file indexed in SIMPLer no longer exists on remote server it will be shown as "broken link" and can be removed.

After selecting appropriate files and clicking submit SIMPLer records get updated.

Note: This tool is only available with separate folders option turned on.

3) Support for SFTP

So far only regular FTP and FTPS over SSL (implicit) was supported for file transfer handling. Support for SFTP (SSH File Transfer) was added. FTP mode can be selected from FTP settings on Modify WISP page:

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