2020-3Q: Sales Team Member Notified of Tickets Created under their Customers’ Accounts

A new feature has been developed for managing maintenance ticket notifications.

An additional option of selecting whether the Customer’s Salesman email address is included as the email recipient has been added.

To make use of this feature:

1. Click => Maintenance

=> Ticket Types

2. Under the column "Default Email Recipients" there is an additional option of selecting “customer salesman”.

Fig 1 Maintenance Types – Emailing Salesman

Should you wish for other email addresses to be selected too, hold down “ctrl” and click on the other options, eg. Email Addresses, Owner.

By selecting this the Sales Team Member, that the customer is linked to, will be notified of any new ticket activity.

This should be set for all ticket types that you would like Sales Team Member to be included in.

SIMPLer: Maintenance Ticket Type Email Routing

Published Date: [29-July-2020]

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