2015-3Q: Billing: Invoice Batch Generation Limit

A new option has been added to the WISP Settings (Settings - Modify WISP) where an operator can set a limit for how many available invoices will appear on the Invoices - Generate Invoices page at a time. This is for cases where an operators would have a large amount of invoices on a page and would prefer to see them in smaller batches.

There are two new options available:

1) Billing - Invoice Generation Limit: In the screenshot in Fig. 1, this is set to 10 (invoices), it means that if more than this number of invoices are available for generation, you will get a warning, and be given the option to prepare a smaller batch.

2) Start with Search Box: Enabling this setting, as per Fig. 1 means that a search box will appear on the Generate Invoices page by default and you can decide from there how many invoices should be prepared / what date range should be used.

Fig. WISP Setting Options

The search box options are shown in Fig. 2.

Fig. 2: Search Box