2012-1Q: SIMPLer Inventory Enhancement

SIMPLer Inventory has been enhanced to easily find number of equipment stored / used at specified place and display assignment information

1) Site details presents information about:

- number of basestations

- number of other connected/active equipment

- number of equipment in stock

2) There is an ability to add equipment to site and change its status.

3) There is an ability to go to the list of equipment stored/connected at specified site

4) Basestation and CPE can not be moved manually from "use" to "stock". One must remove basestation or CPE to free up equipment

5) Equipment can be in one of following statuses

A) Basestation at Site

B) Customer CPE

C) Device connected at Site (status: use)

D) Device stored at Site (Warehouse) (status:stock)

E) Device in stock and unassigned

F) Device in use unassigned (not recommended)

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