2020-4Q: WIB Alert Banner

SIMPLer has been updated to display an alert banner at the top of every page in SIMPLer if a WIB is reporting an error - for example if the tunnel to a WIB is down or if one of the alert thresholds on the WIB has been exceeded.

The alert will be present as long as the WIB is reporting an error. A link in the alert banner will allow you to open the NETH page to display the WIB status:

Fig 1. Sample Alert Banner with link to NETH page

Fig 2. NETH page giving alert reason


  • The WIB status page is updated every 15 minutes. Therefore the banner may remain present for up to 15 minutes after the WIB restores to service and/or it's alert threshold has cleared.

  • If a WIB is not physically present, it's type (Network -> Gateway Details) should be changed to "virtual" so SIMPLer will not try to monitor it.

Fig 3 .Setting WIB type to virtual

Published Date: [07-October-2020]

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