2010-2Q: EUP: Mandatory Check and Quick Update on Credit Card Fields

New features have been added to the End User Portal (EUP) which will enhance and speed up Credit Card payment processing.

A) Mandatory Credit Card (CC) fields:

All fields which are associated with CC data are now mandatory.

This should speed up payment submission as it will prevent the user from submitting payment before all necessary fields have been entered. Payment security requirements are based on operator settings within their respective payment gateway (i.e. operators may choose that their payment gateway not validate CCV number). However, it may be preferred that all data be collected initially so that an operator can more easily upgrade to higher security standards at a later date without having to contact all their subscribers to have them update their details. Please contact your payment gateway for details on increased security validation.

With this new update customer will have to enter correct data before processing the payment:

Figure A-1: Credit Card Payment Processing

The same requirements have been introduced to the "Credit Card Details" page (i.e. Account -> Personal Information -> Change Credit Card)

Figure A-2: Saved Credit Card Details

Figure A-3: Credit Card Update Error

B) Credit Card Quick Update Option

A quick link to the "Credit Card Update" page (fig A-3 above) has also been added which will let a customer quickly change previously stored credit card data on their account:

(1) Click on "Update Credit Card" :

Figure B-1: Quick Update Link

(2) After changes have been made click on "Save Card Details". You will be redirected back to the previous page with updated details.


Figure B-2: Update CC Details

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