2010-2Q: STATs: Financial Report for Custom Payments

A new Financial Report type has been added which better displays flexible payments submitted using the Custom Payments feature (https://sites.google.com/a/azotel.com/wiki/simpler-features/features-index-1/custom-credit-card-payment-processing).When a custom payment is made, the amount paid is automatically assigned to one or more outstanding invoices. The existing Customer Statement report includes a separate line item showing the amount credited against each invoice, so the individual amounts shown on this statement will not match the amounts that were actually paid if a custom payment was assigned to multiple invoices.

The new report, Customer Transactions, displays the customer's statement showing the actual payments that were made (as opposed to these payments being broken down to invoices). It makes it easier to reconcile the customer's statement available in SIMPLer with 3rd party payment gateways.

To view the report navigate to invoices -> Totals Reports page and select report type "Customer Transactions".

Figure 1: Example of standard customer's statement

Figure 2: Transaction Report for the same customer. There are only 3 actual payments.

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