2010-2Q: BILLING: Custom Credit Card Payment processing

A new feature has been added to SIMPLer, which allows a user to process a credit card payment against multiple invoices at a time, make a partial payment and/or add a prepayment (as opposed to making new transactions for each invoice). The payment amount is automatically applied against any outstanding invoices starting from the oldest one. If not enough has been charged to fully pay off an invoice it is moved to a "Half Paid" status with a partial payment applied. Any over payment is applied to the customer's account as a prepayment which can then be applied to future invoices.

(1) The custom credit card feature is available from the "Custom Credit Card Payment" section in the invoices tab:

Figure 1: Invoice Processing Page

or from the Quick Links section on Customer's Details Page. This is the preferred method of applying a custom payment as it assures the proper customer was selected.

Figure 2: Customer Details Page

(2) Verify that the proper customer is selected and specify any transaction details (e.g. Amount, Reference, Narrative) and click Process Payment to proceed. A confirmation window is then displayed as a final step before the transaction is sent to the payment gateway (e.g. Authorize.NET, Moneris). Note: The default amount is the full amount owing by the customer. Be careful not to submit more than should be.

Figure 3: Custom Credit Card Payment Processing

Figure 4: Final Confirmation

(3) Payment Processing

Figure 5: Success Confirmation

(4) The amount is applied to customer's account

Figure 6: Custom Credit Card Payment Processing After Successful Submission

(5) The End User Portal has also been updated to allow customers to make partial payments (please note that partially paid invoices are still considered unpaid by the SAND system) under the Account->Invoices section. Payment are applied in the same order as when paying within SIMPLer.

Figure 7: EUP Invoices

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