2019-3Q: Cronjob - Network Health Monitoring Trigger (Baicells/Zhone)

A new feature has been added to enhance the integration with external API integrated equipment.

It allows for an operator to Monitor equipment via API (where available) in cases when standard approach with ICMP packets (ping) cannot be used due to whatever reason.

Currently Monitoring via API is supported by following vendors:

  • Baicells (local EPC only) - in cases where there is no good way to route from WIB/SIMPLer to the customer CPE's

  • Dasan Zhone - monitoring customer ONT (Optical Network Terminals)

To make use of this feature:

1. Navigate to Settings section

Fig 1. Navigating to Settings page

2. From Miscellaneous section click on the Cronjobs button

Fig 2 Navigating to Cronjobs page

3. Click on 'Add Blank Row' button to add the new cronjob

Fig 3 Adding a new cronjob

4. Pick the 'Trigger: Health Monitor' as the new trigger type

5. Define time conditions for the trigger - it is recommended to run the trigger every 30 minutes or more frequently (if API allows). Also define the optional attributes:

  • Equipment Type (required) - comma separated list of equipment types that the script should attempt to monitor. These equipment types will be monitored only via trigger and excluded from the standard Network Health Monitor polls. For example for Zhone the typically associated equipment type would be gponont and for Baicells it will be baicellsltecpe

  • NHM Failno (optional) - enter the weight of failures - typically it should be calculated as a number of 5 minute periods that are in the cycle the script is run. For example: if the script is run every 5 minutes - should be set to 1, if it is run every 30 minutes - it should be set to 6

  • Interface (optional) - this attribute can be used to limit the script just to one API interface. If left empty (default) - SIMPLer will try to Monitor via all avaliable API interfaces

  • Gateway (optional) - this attibute can be used to limit the monitoring to equipment associated only to one gateway

  • Simcard Equipment Types (optional) - comma separated list of equipment types that are used in association with simcards in operator instance. Defining this attribute is optional but it is recommended if applicable as it will help to auto-calculate sim card associations when these are not defined in SIMPLer

5. Navigate to 'External API (triggers)'

Fig 5 External API (triggers)

6. Ensure that the API for the Equipment vendor is set under External API (triggers ) - if it is not - do refer to triggers manual

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Published Date: 18/Jul/2019

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