2019-4Q: Cancel Customer Subscription

To delete a customer after the termination of services the following steps need to be carried out:

To end a customer subscription:

1. Go to the Customer Account and click => "E"

Fig 1.a Customer Account

Modify Customer Account to "post", select a Reason for the cancellation and enter the End Date.

Fig 1.b Modify Customer Account

The Status should now show the amended details of when the Customer will be changed to "post"

Fig 1.c Confirm details

Should the customer still need to be invoiced there are two options

a) Updating the Customer Subscription Table

b) Generating a Custom Invoice

Updating the Customer Subscription Table

If the invoice should be auto-generated and included in the invoice batch, it would be best to manually calculate the amount the customer will need to pay for the remaining period and adjust the subscription amount accordingly.

1. Under Subscription Details click => modify

2.a Subscription Details

2. Enter the amount to be charged under the price at (a)

The amount excl. tax will show at (b)

The amount incl. tax will show at (c)

Ensure that you save the changes and then verify that the Total Amount under "Next Invoice Details" of the Customer Account is correct.

2.b Modify Subscription Details

Generating a Custom Invoice

If the invoice should NOT be auto-generated it is best to create a custom invoice. This ensures that there is no possibility of an invoice with an incorrect amount being sent to a customer erroneously. The user will create a prorated invoice that will need to be sent manually to the customer.

1. Under Customer Billing Details click => modify

3.a Billing Details

Set Invoice Status to "Not added"

3.b Modify Invoice Status

2. Under Customer Billing Details click => Custom Invoice

3.c Custom Invoice

Create a Custom Invoice for the remaining period using the prorate feature.

- Change the Invoice Date which sets the start of the period that the Invoice needs to be calculated for. In this example an invoice needs to be generated for the 01 - 05 November 2019, so the Invoice date is set to November 1st 2019.

- Change the Prorated Invoice To the end of the period that the Invoice needs to be calculated for. In this example it is set to November 5th 2019.

- Then click => Generate Prorated Invoice

3.d Create Prorated Invoice

3. A window will appear with details of the period that needs to be invoiced. Confirm that all is correct and click => OK

3.e Confirm Prorated Invoice

4. Under Customer Billing Details, Last 5 Invoices - the Custom Invoice just created will appear. Click on the black envelope to email it to the customer.

Note that this Invoice is NOT automatically emailed to them.

3.f Email Invoice to Customer

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