2015-3Q: CRM: Ticketing Enhancements

Some updates have been made to the ticketing page in SIMPLer (located under the MAINTENANCE tab)

1) Enhancements to make sure that a ticket update cannot be overwritten by another user who tries to update the ticket at the same time.

The ticket resolution box has been enhanced so that even updates made to a ticket at exactly the same time will show in the resolution field without wiping any message sent by another staff member. See Fig. 1.

Fig. 1: Multiple Ticket Updates

2) Saved Searches can now be made on the maintenance tab. For example. When a staff member enters the maintenance tab in the morning, the system will remember the search he/she was making and will go back to that every time maintenance is used. This is convenient for any team that might be doing a specific search regularly. For example all support tickets of subtype 1. If the operator needs to re-set the search, he can simply click on the "reset search" button to start a new search.

Fig. 2: Remembered search and re-set

3) A sortable "last updated time" field has been added, to allow operators to sort by the tickets that have been updated (or have not been updated) most recently. See Fig. 3.

Fig. 3: Last Updated Time

4) A clickable sidebar has been added to the maintenance page to allow the operator to pull up quick key details about the customer in the ticket. See fig. 4.

Fig. 4: Maintenance sidebar

5) A "saved searches" section has been added, as described here!

6) Some enhancements to the search by subtype functionality, to allow only subtypes from the selected type to show when performing searches.

7) A download spreadsheet option has been added to the page.

8) An enhanced ticket description is available for the tickets shown on the maintenance page.

9) Customer name will now appear on the maintenance page in the same colour as the "customer tracking" field.