2016-1Q: Network: Equipment Customization

Some new options have been added to the Settings tab of SIMPLer, as shown in Figure 1. The purpose of these new sections is:

  1. Built-In Equipment Types: Shows a list of the equipment types built in to SIMPLer, and allows operator to enable / disable the various types they would like to use.

  2. Custom Equipment Types: Allows operators to add their own equipment types (labels).

Fig. 1: New Equipment Settings

On the "Built-in Equipment Types" page, the operator can choose to enable / disable individual equipment types, or to "disable all" or "enable all". The operator must make sure to click the "update settings" button to save any changes, as per Fig. 2.

Fig. 2: Built-In Equipment Types

On the "Custom Equipment Types" page the operator can click "add blank row" and enter the name and description of the equipment type they would like to see in SIMPLer. Clicking update table will register the changes and allow operators to label their equipment as this new type going forward.

Fig. 3: Custom Equipment Types