2010-1Q: SIMPLer: Product Nominal Accounts

A feature has been added that allows an accounting Nominal Account to be associated with a product and then generate a categorized sales report based on the nominal account.

(A) Nominal Account values can be added to a product while creating the new product or the product can be updated afterwards:

    1. On the "modify product" page, enter the nominal account number from your accounting package along with a description.

    2. Click the "Add" button (fig A-1) to add the new nominal account to the drop down list

    3. Note: If assigning an existing nominal account just select it from the dropdown list (fig A-2)

    4. Click the "Add Product>" (or "Update") button to save your product changes.

Figure A-1 - Adding a New Nominal Account

Figure A-2 - Selecting an Existing Nominal Account

(B) It is also possible to make changes to nominal accounts that have already been added to the system.

    • Update a Nominal Account

      1. Enter the same Nominal number as previously used

      2. Enter a new/updated Description

      3. Click "Add"

      4. If the nominal already exists a popup will be displayed asking for a confirmation to update the description (fig B-1). By clicking "OK" the description for the nominal will be updated across all products with that nominal account assigned.

Figure B-1 - Updating a Nominal Account Description

    • Delete a Nominal Account

      1. Select the nominal account that you wish to delete from the drop down list

      2. Click the "Delete" button

      3. A confirmation will be displayed to confirm you wish to delete the nominal account (fig B-2). Click "OK" to remove the selected nominal account.

      4. Note: If the nominal account is assigned to a product it can not be deleted.

Figure B-2 - Deleting a Nominal Account

(C) A new high level financial report in also now available which is relevant from an accounting perspective as it will group financial figures per nominal account. The report is available under the "invoices" tab on the "Totals" page:

    1. From the "Type of report" dropdown list select "Sales (nominal account)" and then click the "generate" button (fig C-1).

    2. A detailed report (fig C-2) will be generated showing sales figures categorized by the product's nominal account.

    3. Note: Products with blank nominal accounts will appear as separate items on the report

Figure C-1 - Sales Totals Report

Figure C-2 - Detailed Nominal Accounts Report

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