2016-2Q: EUP: Option to Update End User Portal Tickets

Operators have the option to allow customer to log a ticket in the SIMPLer End User Portal (see Fig. 1). The option is located under Settings - Modify WISP in SIMPLer.

Fig. 1: Add Maintenance Ticket Option

This ticket will get logged to the SIMPLer Maintenance page under the type "customer - EUP" as shown in Fig. 2. Provided the ticket remains in this type, any updated provided to the "resolution" field of this ticket will show on the customer portal. If you would prefer not to have the customer see updates, simply changing the ticket type to any other type should remove visibility.

Fig. 2: Customer - EUP Type

Recently, an option has also been added to SIMPLer to allow end users to reply to the "customer - EUP" tickets on their portal. This option is available from the Settings - modify WISP page in SIMPLer and is shown in Fig. 3.

Fig. 3: Option to Update Maintenance tickets via EUP

An example of the "reply" field is shown in Fig. 4.

Fig. 4: Reply Section on EUP

Any replies will be logged to the ticket resolution for the operator follow up.