2014-4Q (v003): SIMPLer: Customer Visit Notification Email

A new feature has been added to the SIMPLer system that will allow Operators to send a notification to a customer one day before an installer scheduled visit.

The notification will be sent to customers at the same time the installer gets a work order from the system, usually at 8pm the night before the installation. Installers should be receiving an email every evening with details of the jobs scheduled for the following day. Visit reminders will be sent to customers at the same time. The reminder will go to the customers primary email address as logged in the "email" field under their account.

In order to enable the feature turn on option "Customer Visit - Send Visit Notification Email To Customer" under global WISP Settings:

The email that is sent to a customer is customizable. Type of the email to use is "customer_visit_notification_email". For more information on how to customize customer emails click here

There is also an option to click to confirm or cancel an appointment. If you need to add such information you can add the following type of line to your notification, replacing the words servername and WISPID with your server name and WISP ID.

Please click here to confirm your appointment <a href='https://servername.azotel.com/CustomerPortal/confirmation.pl?operator=WISPID&code=%CONFIRMATION_CODE%'>Confirm</a><br><br>

The message displayed to your customer is customizable in the below Settings, found under your WISP Settings:

The page seen by the customer will appear as below:

Finally, an email will be sent to your operator email address to let you know that the customer has confirmed or cancelled, if the below setting is enabled under the WISP settings:

The default email going out will be as below, if not customized:

Subject - [%OPERATOR_NAME%] Customer Appointment Notification - %CUSTOMER_NAME%

Body -

Dear %CUSTOMER_NAME%, This is an email notification to remind you about the appointment scheduled to perform the following work: %TICKET_TITLE% Our Installer %ASSIGNED_INSTALLER% will visit you at your premises at %TIME_SCHEDULED% If you want to cancel the meeting please let us know. Best Regards,



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