2012-1Q: Network: Fetch frequency, SSID/Colour from the basestation

New feature has been added that allows Operator to fetch frequency and SSID/colour directly from the basestation. This is possible from the basestation list in SIMPLer (Fig. 1)

Fig. 1. Retrieve information directly from the basestation

Feature is available currently for the following equipment types:

1) Canopy AP

2) AirOS BH (Nanostation AP)

3) Mikrotik AP

If SIMPLer is not able to fetch the frequency or SSID/colour from the basestation it is caused by one of the following:

1) Cannot access basestation IP address

2) SNMP protocol is disabled on the basestation

3) SNMP Community field in the equipment details does not match SNMP Community field on the basestation

4) SNMP OID on the basestation has changed for specific version of software. In that case please contact support@azotel.com.

5) Port 8728 (api) is disabled on Mkrotik AP

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